Be + Verb



I                                   am                         always                             at work at 8 o'clock.   


You                             are                         usually                             here in the evening.


Sarah                         is                            often                                late for school.


He                                                              sometimes                      


We                                                             rarely




The correct answer is: "Do you often speak English at work?"

The correct answer is: "Jane is always late for work."

The correct answer is: "My students never do their homework."

The correct answer is: "He is usually here on Saturdays."

The correct answer is: "I rarely watch television in the evenings."

The correct answer is: "We sometimes play volleyball at the weekends."

6. often    |    English    |    Do you    |    at work?    |    speak

5. always    |    late    |    Jane    |    for work.    |    is

4. their homework.    |    never    |    My    |    do    |    students

3. on    |    here    |    usually    |    Saturdays.    |    He    |    is

2. watch television    |    in the    |    I    |    evenings.    |    rarely

1. We    |    play volleyball    |    sometimes    |    weekends.    |    at the

Put the words in the correct order.

Adverb + Verb



I                                                  always                                           walk(s) to work.


Sarah                                        usually                                           get(s) up late  


He                                              often                                              go(es) out with friends


We                                             sometimes





Look at the examples below.



... they're always late for school...

(Eles sempre chegam atrasados na escola...)


...and they rarely do their homework.

(e eles raramente fazem o trabalho de casa.)


We don't often see Guy.

(Nós não vemos o Guy frequentemente.)


In the evenings he usually goes out to bars or discos.

(À noite ele geralmente vai a bares e danceterias.)



The words in bold are examples of adverbs of frequency. Adverbs of frequency tell us how often something is done. Look at the different adverbs:




100% <-------------------------------------------------------------> 0%

always    usually    often    sometimes    rarely    never




Adverbs of frequency usually go before the verb in a sentence.



He never goes to the cinema.

(Ele nunca vai ao cinema.)


I sometimes read a book in the evening.

(Eu às vezes leio um livro à noite.)



However, they go after am, are, and is.



She's rarely late.

(Ela raramente chega atrasada.)


They're always here at 7 o'clock.

(Eles sempre estão aqui às 7 em ponto.)


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Adverbs of frequency